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Lighted Boat Parade

Each year BYC sponsors a lighted boat on a Friday and Saturday night during the Christmas Season.  On Friday night the parade begins in Phinney Bay and progresses through Port Washington Narrows and Sinclair Inlet.  On Saturday the parade runs from Phinney Bay through all of Dyes Inlet.  Both routes are shown on the map below.

Approximate arrival times at various points along each parade route are listed on the schedules below.

Hear from Santa!  If requested, Santa will call out a message to your family and friends as he passes your location on the Santa Boat. 

Click here to contact Santa with your requested message.

Please note that Santa cannot accept message requests after 5:00pm on the day BEFORE the parade.

 Lighted Boat Parade Route Map

Yellow Route: Friday, December 18, 2020
Red Route: Saturday, December 19, 2020